Thursday, February 25, 2016

Autism Mom

There is nothing like an Autistic kid being sick. Brett has a "nasty, raging ear infection". I had no clue before yesterday  because all he told me was that his throat hurt.  How do I put that together to equal an ear infection?

The puzzle piece is such an appropriate symbol for Autism. "Until all the pieces fit ". Not only for a "cure" but in daily life!  I only get pieces of a sentence and I have to put his thoughts together to make sense. I am an interpreter with ZERO training. I am a physical  therapist, speech therapist, Occupational therapist, chauffeur, nurse and above all MOMMY. It is not a role I ever imagined myself in. I am a selfish, impatient person who wants instant gratification.  Guess what? In the world I now live in....There is NO SUCH THING. I have had to learn patience, compassion and understanding.  We have endured  wait lists, waiting rooms and so many tests over the years. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that this is my son....He is AUTISTIC.

He looks normal, is gorgeous in fact. But he acts different, just a bit off. He is hyper sensitive and a smart ass. He is super smart but slow to learn. He is a talkative person but hard to understand. He is my world. He keeps me grounded and has helped teach me things that I would otherwise not learn. Autism has made me a GREAT MOM. Most people will think it's  strange to hear me say that I am grateful for my Autistic son. But I am.
Thank you God, for blessing me with my beautiful, loving Autistic son. He has been teaching me the lessons that you asked him to. I hope that I am making you proud. Because I am proud of my journey, even the hard parts. Amen

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