Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our New Year, New Beginning.....again.

Here we are again, time to move. I absolutely HATE moving. I have to pack and clean and sort. Ugh!! I like not knowing what exactly is in the boys rooms. LOL....ignorance can be bliss.
Before Brian left for D.C., he rented a storage unit and a truck so we could get stuff moved out of the garage. Last night Blake helped me with a couple more loads. I figure with 2 more loads to storage, I will be done. Then it's time to focus on the house. I am doing a room a night (minimum) so it will be completely done and ready by the time Brian gets home.
The boys are pretty excited about the move. Brett will be starting (GASP) middle school next year!!! He will be walking or riding his bike. Brayden thinks he will be changing elementary schools but is waiting to see how many friends he makes this summer. LOL!
I am very excited about becoming a GRANDMA for the first time! I was talking to Carter last night and felt him move. Awwww!!!! I am already in love. <3

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  1. You blog a little like me. I get started and take off and then I take a long break! Yeah moving is not fun We are in the process of trying to decide what not to take with us to the new house. But, you are actually very organized!!